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How To Put Ps4 In Safe Mode Without Power Button?

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When you start your PS4 console in safe mode, it’ll be performing only the most basic functions necessary in order to run the system. There are some features available when you boot your console in safe mode that you can use in order to troubleshoot the system. When the PS4 is stuck in Safe Mode loop, there are a few suggested solutions you can try to fix it. You’ll be lucky enough if the problem is software-related, otherwise you’ll be in trouble if it’s hardware-related. You have two options here—Either full-format the PS4 hard drive, or just get a new hard drive replacement for PS4. Updating the PS4 system software may fix any file issue within the operating system.

Fix 1: Check If There Is A Physical Issue

If a kernel debugger is available, get a stack trace. Typically, this address is in freed memory or is simply invalid. Reference counts from going to zero which would free the pages.


For instance, if PS4 isn’t turning on and you are unable to use the PS4 console, you can put PS4 in safe mode to use the console as you wish in the safe mode. But, understandably, gamers can’t enjoy the advanced gaming experience in PS4 safe mode. For some users, if you hope to get PS4 out of safe mode without USB cable, you can move on. Try to connect the USB/power/HDMI cables to other ports to see if they work. Therefore, you may as well follow up to consult powerful methods to get your PS4 out of safe mode, or simply, turn off safe mode on PS4.

Many users report thefunction keys are not working after installing Windows 10 updates; there are adequate solutions to work around this problem. I consider myself a tech guru but this one has really had me at a loss. I tried reinstalling drivers/BIOS updates and still had no luck.