Brief summary

We aim to develop demonstrative actions that help companies develop new algae-derived technologies, processes and products and establish their business in the Macaronesian region. This region consists of common RIS3 and H2020 priority areas and has a great potential in the context of the Blue Biotechnology.

We focus on native species of microalgae (Isochrysis galbana, Dunaliella tertiolecta, Dunaliella salina, Tetraselmis striata and Navicola salinicola) and macroalgae (Lobophora variegata and Cystoseira abies marina). These species have been evaluated for their industrial potential on the base of the results obtained in previous PTC-MAC projects. Thanks to a joint cooperation and technological transfer between different research centers and companies, MACBIOBLUE permits to exploit these preliminary results and translate them into technologies and products valuable for the market. Previous PTC-MAC projects include the following:


  • BANGEN, etc.